Who We Are

Gurg have been delivering technology-driven business solutions globally and meeting the strategic objectives of our customers for over two decades. Of course, we have become more and more efficient at devising solutions to challenges around specific industry needs over this time.

Our collective knowledge and experience means that Gurg does deliver value to customers through a combination of process excellence, quality frameworks, and delivery innovations.

The knowledge, skill, expertise, and can-do spirit of our core team is exemplary. Gurg have worked with many prestigious multinational companies on numerous projects, each being different, each presenting a new set of challenges, and each carried out by us with the same committed focus and attention to detail.

Tailoring our services to meet the unique challenges of our customers, Gurg have merged as a global provider that will do whatever it takes to meet expectations. We help global organisations get the most out of their human assets, existing resources and infrastructures.

— the global services provider delivering technology-driven business solutions —
can provide your pick from the list below, and a lot more besides.

Programme Management

Gurg have over 25 years’ experience delivering successful programmes to the private and public sectors.

Project Management

Gurg develop innovative, creative solutions by bringing together bespoke teams with the flexibility to assemble the most appropriate resources at the right time.

PMO & Project Controls

Gurg are a leading provider of project management office (PMO) services. We have been delivering project-management excellence to organisations for over 25 years.

Commercial and Cost Management

We take pride in providing value for money, putting forward propositions and adding sustainable cost-management solutions in order to deliver economically sustainable projects.

Business Case

Gurg can provide a full range of capital and revenue-based business cases, from the simplest options appraisal to an extensive multiple case review.

Lean Business Improvement

Gurg’s lean business-improvement services enable our customers to innovate, maximise value, and minimise waste.

It is our mission to develop a partnership with all of our customers and to attain a competitive advantage by leveraging your investment in exactly the right way. Consequently, we aspire to be the single source for all of our customers’ requirements.

Our values are extremely important to us, the foundation of our vision and identity. The four Gurg values — uncompromising quality, integrity, a determination to find innovative solutions, and to provide value for money — are encapsulated in our customer guarantee.

Our values shape our thinking, behaviour, and corporate culture, and these same values guide all of our interactions with our customers, our other stakeholders, and partners.

Our teams work to tried and tested development methodologies and are constantly liaising with our project managers. When a solution goes live, Gurg will monitor its use, check its performance, and actively seek feedback from all user groups within your organisation.