Web, App and ecommerce Consulting

Knowing how crucial corporate image is, when designing a logo, a website, app, a brochure, or any other marketing material we do not simply design generic templates.

Understanding your target audience and the objectives of your enterprise is the first step to creating a design that attracts and builds traffic to your site.

Gurg can help you choose the right colour palette, select the best images, and decide on the typography and fonts you wish to use. All of these —based on the preferences of your business — will have the touch of professionalism and the freshness of design that is Gurg’s forte!

Gurg deliver successful Internet and intranet solutions. Our portfolio currently includes, internal apps, content-management systems, web portals, and design-led brochure ware websites.

Our software development team, supported by our dedicated web design team and team of graphic designers, means we can offer a range of services specific to all of the areas that have direct impact on your internal systems, outward delivery of your services, marketing strategy, and corporate image.

Architecting Services

Site/App planning and strategy
Branding and Graphic design
HTML and Layout Design
Content Management Systems
Promotion and bulk registration
Hosting, monitoring and analysis

The Tools

Choices about tools and technologies are made on a per project basis; all of Gurg’s designers write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Our Approach

Our skills cover a broad range of tools and technologies.
The choice of these depends on the project, but rest assured we match the best tools to the job specification.


Listening to our customers’ needs and requirements to define the optimum solution, the clarification stage includes a detailed project specification covering all aspects of design and implementation.


Database, application, and graphic design: Once both the specification and project plan have been signed-off, it is time for our design and programming teams to start implementing the solution.

Maintenance and Support

Hosting your website, monitoring performance, and modifying where necessary, the Gurg team works to tried and tested development methodologies and are constantly liaising with our managers.