Comprehensive virtualisation solutions

Gurg offer both a complete desktop-to-data centre virtualisation-product portfolio and a comprehensive set of virtualisation services. These offerings are designed to help customers deploy new services faster, maximise the utilisation of system resources, and more easily monitor and manage virtualised environments.

Server virtualisation

Server virtualisation is a particularly important data centre technology, delivering marked improvement in server efficiency and utilisation rates.

Studies have shown that up to one-third of servers running in data centres are plugged in and consuming electricity even though they are no longer needed, while many others are grossly under-utilised, operating at no more than 18% of capacity.

Gurg’s server virtualisation expertise allows us to eliminate this waste by folding under-utilised, dedicated servers into pools that can be allocated to meet demand. Running fewer systems at higher utilisation also helps reduce power and cooling costs. It also meets environmental protocols, which not least reflects very well on your business.

Desktop virtualisation

Desktop virtualisation, meanwhile, improves organisation-wide security and unburdens IT management and support.

Since everything is centrally managed, stored, and secured, virtual desktops eliminate the need to install, update, and patch applications, back up files, and scan for viruses on individual devices.

Data centre virtualisation

Gurg’s flexible multi-vendor architectures utilise industry-leading compute, storage, and virtualisation technologies to create an efficient, easy-to-manage data centre within a smaller footprint.