The Gurg remote solution suite

Gurg are ready to help you accelerate your virtual workforce strategies.

With the disruption caused by COVID-19, organisations worldwide are rapidly enabling their workforce operations with more remote capacity and enhancing their tele-worker strategy. Gurg mobilise the power of technology. We turn your IT needs into a switched-on, highly efficient, secure, and reliable reality.

Gurg offer specially designed solutions to fit your business model. How should you empower your workforce and turbo charge your business with greater efficiency, security, and reliability right now and for the future?

Remote access and collaboration and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)-busting solutions are all part of Gurg’s suite of remote solutions.

Gurg’s remote access solution

Do you want to define and accelerate your remote access strategy and boost your organisation’s productivity?

Gurg’s remote-access solution will help define and accelerate your organisation’s overall tele-worker strategy. Our approach includes a business-driven framework alongside a complete set of focus areas, which address all layers of remote-access architecture in today’s hybrid IT environment, aimed at enabling enterprises.

Gurg will highlight and focus on the following key areas:

  • On-premises virtual private network (VPN) solutions
  • Cloud-based remote access solutions
  • Client-based and client-less VPN endpoints
  • Network requirements for quality of service (QoS) and scaling
  • Internet-facing bandwidth sizing for current and proposed requirements
  • Laptop/PC availability and security
  • Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) user devices
  • Internet connectivity speed and reliability

Gurg’s remote collaboration solution

Do you want to develop your business-driven framework for remote collaboration in today’s Hybrid IT environment?

While your employees are working in their home offices, how are you going to enable them to do this most efficiently? They must be able to communicate easily and securely, so that means they are likely to require voice, video, and instant messaging capabilities, which are able to be leveraged now as well as scaled up for the future.

We will highlight and focus on the following key areas:

  • VoIP environment including Contact Centre (DID’s along with SIP/PRI availability)
  • Instant Messaging Platforms
  • Video and Audio Conference Meeting Solutions
  • Network requirements for QoS and scaling
  • Internet facing bandwidth sizing for current and proposed requirements
  • Physical phone/Application Softphone
  • Laptop/PC availability and security
  • Internet connectivity speed and reliability

VDI Bursting Solution

Expand your VDI capabilities utilising on premise and cloud technologies to increase your current workload capacities.

Gurg has developed an offering around quickly expanding VDI capabilities utilising on premise and cloud technologies with AWS and Azure as vehicles to increase the current workload capacities cost effectively and with minimal requirement for on-site deployment activities. The Gurg team will quickly help your organisation understand the current status of your VDI infrastructure and help determine the best way to expand your current offering, either on premise or in the cloud.

Gurg’s VDI Bursting solution provides the following:

  • Build a strategy to increase VDI workflows for effective remote work
  • Aid in the implementation of the desired strategy
  • Augment the current VDI and application teams to ensure seamless workflow transitions
  • Support knowledge transfer to ensure success of new solution