Digital Transformation

It’s time that IT change management and transformation are simplified, understandable and more easily executed. There is no shortage of theory out there, yet practical execution of the necessary activities is often too academic, ambiguous and lofty. Change management and transformational endeavours also suffer from a waterfall mentality; by the time an analysis is done, everything has changed and the project is already underway.

Given this state of affairs, it is no surprise that, for years, the majority of IT initiatives fail due to a lack of change management, complexity is underestimated, the organisation’s ability to adopt is overestimated, projects lack vision, measurable objectives, and executive support is lacking.

We specialise in technical AND organisational transformation in IT, which is a rare but powerful combination

Technical Transformation

Our capabilities deliver the incredible ability to reduce IT costs, increase innovation, and reduce time to market.

Organisational Transformation

Our capabilities ensure that initiatives deliver the expected benefits, yielding the executive visibility and credibility they deserve.

Strategy & Creative Execution

Gurg’s digital transformation and change management practices have strategies and methods that have been matured over time. They work because we’ve been in your shoes.

We specialise in

  • Concisely and creatively articulating your vision; branding associated activities for maximum impact and emotional engagement.
  • Tying IT initiatives to organisational strategy by identifying the key performance indicator (KPI) metrics that CxO executives care about, and the associated critical success factors (CSF’s) that IT must drive.
  • Creating simple but powerful KPI and CSF tools and tracking plans.
  • Evaluating the organisation’s capacity to adopt by analysing audiences, stakeholders and culture, and translating the results into a clear, thorough and rigorous approach.
  • Identifying levels of maturity and appropriate timing.
  • Articulating the plan into the Transformation Journey Map and Program/Initiative Roadmap.