Digital transformation made simple

Gurg believe that change management and transformation needs simplifying to make it more understandable and accessible. Theory abounds about the processes, but a needless complexity hinders the practical execution of the objectives of transformation. Endeavours in IT change management and transformation suffer from “waterfall mentality”, which means that by the time analysis has been completed everything has changed, although the project is already progressing.

Is it any surprise, therefore, that the majority of initiatives in relation to IT fail when, due to the lack of change management, the complexity of the project has been underestimated and the organisation’s ability to adopt it has been overestimated?

Gurg specialise in a combination of technical and organisational transformation in IT. So let’s look at how we manage this quite unusual combination.

Technical Transformation

Gurg demonstrate the ability to reduce IT costs, increase innovation, and reduce time to market.

Organisational Transformation

By ensuring that initiatives deliver the expected benefits, Gurg give the project of technical and organisational transformation the credibility they deserve at the highest level of any organisation.

Strategy & Creative Execution

Gurg’s digital transformation and change management practices hold strategies and methods that have evolved over our company’s lifetime; they work because we have been in your shoes.

Gurg specialise in clarifying the process:

  • Concisely and creatively articulating your organisation’s vision, Gurgbrands associated activities so that they gain maximum impact and win emotional engagement.
  • Tying IT initiatives to organisational strategy, Gurg identifies the key performance indicator (KPI) metrics that boards and executives really care about, and the associated critical success factors (CSF’s) that IT must drive.
  • We do this by creating simple but powerful KPI and CSF tools and tracking plans.
  • Gurg evaluates your organisation’s capacity to adopt transformation; we do this by analysing audiences, stakeholders, and culture, and illustrate this by translating the results into a clear, thorough, and rigorous methodology.
  • We identify levels of maturity and set out the appropriate timing.
  • Gurg articulates the plan into a transformation journey map and programme/initiative roadmap.