Data centre design and architecture services

Data centre designs can differ significantly depending on the operational requirements of your business. However, the one certainty is that all architectures hinge on the efficiency, reliability, and availability of key compute resources such as servers, server blades, and virtual servers.

A proven leader in the design, installation, and provisioning of server solutions that meet performance and capacity requirements now and in the future, Gurg’s expertise extends from traditional rack-mount servers and blades to the latest converged infrastructure platforms.

Gurg sets out specifically to provide our customers choice in the commissioning of their compute environments.

As Gurg maintain strong business relationships with leading manufacturers of enterprise-class servers and invests in maintaining high-level certifications, this guarantees our ability to build, design, implement, and manage server solutions in either scale-up or scale-out configurations as core elements of a robust data centre architecture.

Data centre environments, which can comprise hundreds – perhaps thousands — of servers, can create extreme management complications. To mitigate this risk, Gurg can provide you with server-level automation and orchestration tools that virtually eliminate manual configuration processes and allow the viewing and management of all components through a single interface.