Business Case

GURG Project Services work in close partnership with our clients to develop business cases that ensure highly successful change projects.

Gurg can provide a full range of capital and revenue-based business cases, from the simplest options appraisal to an extensive multiple cases. Gurg have experience of developing business cases to feed into a wide range of grant funding sources and can tailor the content to fit any audience as needed.

Gurg’s work encompasses all stages in the process from strategic to commercial (procurement) and management (delivery) cases. Gurg can also review business cases developed in-house to provide objective challenge, identify gaps and sanity-check our clients’ findings.

What makes Gurg different from most consultancies is that Gurg can also, if required, deploy a multi-skilled team to advise on the wider aspects of change projects. Gurg can go on to help our clients to implement our clients’ initiative, drawing on our broader project management and management consulting services.