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We are a global services provider of technology-driven business solutions, which we tailor to meet the strategic objectives of our customers. We create solutions to meet specific industry needs. Gurg deliver outstanding value to businesses by employing a combination of process excellence, quality frameworks, and service delivery innovations.

Our greatest assets are the knowledge, skill, expertise, and can-do spirit of our core team, many of whom have worked with multinational companies and gained valuable experience working on numerous prestigious projects.

It is our mission to develop a partnership with all of our customers, helping them attain a competitive advantage by leveraging their investment most effectively. Consequently, Gurg aspire to become the single source for all our customers’ requirements.


About Gurg Limited


Our values are extremely important to us. These form our identity and shape our thinking, our corporate behaviour, culture, and all interactions with our customers and partners.

The four Gurg values — uncompromised quality, integrity, innovative solutions, and value for money —are encapsulated in our customer guarantee.

Gurg facilitate the design and development of processes and technological architecture to support improved operational risk management. To identify process improvement, Gurg implement diagnostics, actively seeking opportunities in partnership with our customersto implement changes in their business processes.

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Our Services

Tailoring our services to meet the unique challenges of each of our customers, Gurg’s reputation as a global provider has grown organically. Having helped many complex, global organisations achieve the most from their people and resources, our aim is to meet our customers’ requirements and provide solutions to promote future growth.

Web, App and ecommerce

A company’s corporate image is so crucial that we begin our audit from the bedrock of your business: from your company logo to designing a website, an app, a brochure, or any other material to augment your corporate profile and tell the market what you do.

Software Development

In today’s competitive marketplace, companies must look at how to increase revenue, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and raise customer satisfaction levels. Businesses must be able to measure the effectiveness of all of these, so we can provide solutions to help you do this also.

Remote Solution Suite

Gurg arepoised ready to help you accelerate your virtual workforce strategies, to help improve existing protocols and systems and to introduce new ones.

Digital Transformation

The time has come to simplify IT change management and transformation: Gurg will make it understandable, manageable, and more easily executed.

IT Consulting

Experienced IT consultants will help you navigate the complex array of available technologies to hone in on the most beneficial IT solutions.

Cloud Consulting

We have remained at the forefront of the cloud’s evolution, guiding our customers through adoption of virtualisation and converged infrastructure solutions.

Network Assessment

Gurg’s network assessment services begin with an objective evaluation of the current infrastructure of your business, resulting in specific recommendations.

Data Centre Design

Gurg — a proven leader in the design, installation, and provision of server solutions —will meet any performance and capacity requirements now and in the future.

Specialists in helping businesses grow profitably

The focus of our strategic consulting services is on enhancing business performance. Streamlining processes, Gurg will look to reduce organisational risk by leveraging the global sourcing / outsourcing organisational model of your business.

Consulting Services

What our valued customers Say

The comments below from some of our customers provide a complimentary view of us as a company and give insight into how flexible and adaptable we are.


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